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Wedding photos are like priceless gems, they are meant to be kept and cherished for a lifetime. No couple would ever dream of looking less than perfect in wedding portraits. However, not everyone is accustomed to being in front of the camera. Imagine having a photographer follow you from the moment you put on your gown in the morning until the wee hours of night.

Yes, wedding photographers make sure they do not miss a moment of the wedding day. Scared? Nervous? Don’t know what to do? Not everyone is born comfortable when in front of a camera so don’t worry. Here are a few wedding photography tips to help battle the anxiety of paparazzi pressure while still ensuring a picture-perfect, frame-worthy shot from the wedding day.

Comfort is key. The most important factor in getting awesome photos is a great photographer-client relationship. Learn his style in posing and shooting, listen to his ideas when it comes to wedding photography, and know what he anticipates given the time and venue of the wedding. You and your partner must find a photographer who is friendly and approachable, this helps alleviate any wedding day jitters and also makes smiling for the camera more natural and less awkward.

Schedule a test run. Engagement shoots can be handy, it allows for you and the photographer to have a trial shoot before the actual wedding day itself. He gets to see which angles and views work best for the newlyweds while the couple gets more accustomed to the shooter’s style and techniques. When previewing the photos from the session, voice out your opinions to give the photographer an idea on which shots you like most.

The importance of the “first look!” Couples may think this shoot is a fad and that they can go without it, especially when they are running behind schedule en route to the ceremony. However, the first look is a really emotional and intimate moment between the bride and the groom. Nothing best encapsulates that wonderful feeling of seeing your beloved all dressed up just to say “I do” to you for her entire lifetime.

Stick to the given schedule. On the day of the wedding, try to follow the given itinerary as much as possible. It allows for the photographers to anticipate the flow of events well and it eliminates the need to rush from one event to the other. As no wedding is ever perfect, inform the photographer in advance if there are any changes to the day’s schedule.

Assign a key person to arrange the folks. The photographer does not know who is who but he does know who is needed in each photo. Get a bridesmaid or a family member to point out the people needed in each scene or to arrange people during the group photos. Saves time for the photographer and also prevents uncles and aunts from being left out in family photos.

Smiling 101. Yes, the day-long shoot may be tiring and smiles do fade after an hour of endless flashes and grins. In between shots, take your time and rest your muscles by either taking a sip of water or asking for a retouch on your powder. To avoid squinting, close your eyes briefly and open then on cue when the photographer counts, “…2, 3, smile!” Don’t hesitate to ask for a retake if you feel that your eyes where closed during the shot or if you weren’t looking at the camera. The photo editor will thank you for this.

Being aware and being conscious. The photographer is your friend, he is on your team and he will try to get the best photos of you and your partner possible. Always favor the camera, when sitting, walking, or even when standing still. But be mindful not to look conscious. Spend more time in enjoying your day and celebrating your love for one another rather than being worried as to how you would look like in your photos.

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