After spending well-earned money, couples do want to get every single memory from their wedding day captured. Hence, the wedding photography industry is one of the biggest fields in the industry. Especially with the rise of digital photography, couples now appreciate being able to document their special day for the memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

In trying to keep up with the hi-tech weddings of the 21st century, brides and grooms incorporate photos in every thing and every location. As photographers are hired to shoot from preparations until the couple’s exit, planning a totally unique wedding is a big task to do especially when under a tight budget.

Little do couples know that they can now make their weddings more personal and unique with the use of photos. The following tips are handy for shutterbug couples that would love to integrate photography into their wedding and also for brides and grooms who would want a 100% personalized wedding.

Swap the flowers for snapshots. Keep the centerpieces interesting and fun by using childhood photos of the bride and the groom. Give the guests something to talk about during cocktail hours. It would be cheaper than buying flowers and more interesting than candles. Set them up with frames, pebbles and rocks, and picture holders. Substitute the childhood photos for a photo of the couple holding the table numbers or a quirky photo of the couple during their engagement shoot.

Entertain with images. During the cocktails, you can save a ton if leave the live band or DJ to start charging by the hour right after dinnertime. What to do with the guests while waiting for the newlyweds to enter? Still you and your partner, in a photo montage. Prepare slideshows using photos from trips, parties, and dates. Use soft lounge music and then estimate the slideshow to run on repeat for about an hour or two. Guests will stay entertained as they mingle with other well-wishers while you get to save up on the party music.

The ever-popular photo booth. After hiring a videographer and also booking a photographer for a day, you’d be hesitant to rent another camera-related item for the wedding – the photo booth. Whether it is a DIY Polaroid-tablecloth backdrop setup or a walk-in type of photo booth producing photo strips, photo booths are a big hit at any gathering and event. They can double as wedding favors for the guests to bring home and also as entertainment for everyone during the entire reception. For a more meaning guest book, have all your family and friends take a snapshot at the photo booth before entering the hall. Allow them to paste their own wacky photo strips beside their wishes for the bride and groom to read after the celebration.

A different perspective. On each table at the reception, assign a couple of disposable cameras for the guests to capture their own angle of the celebration. Leave them a quirky shot list, too – like the best mustache of the night, the newly weds stealing a kiss, and the best dancer during the after-party. You and your partner will surely love the wacky and candid shots from your friends’ point of view. It’s different from the formal and more artistic shots of your hired photographer but then it is filled of surprising moments you might have missed at their own table or at the dance floor. Of course, note that the cameras should be surrendered before they leave the hall, or have someone collect all cameras at the end of the night.

If photos were indeed worth more than a thousand words, then a picture-filled wedding would be worth millions. Never miss a single moment; photos are great because they allow for heart-warming memories to be cherished forever.